You Know That Feeling When?

You know that great, wonderful, awesome feeling you get when you realize you haven’t done something you should have a long time ago?

Yeh, that’s where I’m at right now.

I once had a close friend tell me I should write more because it’s a creative outlet for me.

Boy did I fail that.

That might be the best part about writing for me though. The ability to pick it up when I feel like it.

Granted, I have a great nack for picking it back up when I’m busy or in some sort of distress.

Maybe I just like sharing parts of myself during those times the most. Especially when I’m incapable of expressing myself to those around me.

Have I mentioned I have trust issues?



People stress me out.

I’m in no means anti-social, I’m just. . . Well. . . Anti-social.

I’m a very selfish person who likes to hoard time to themself. Cause if I don’t get that time, I’m a whirlwind trying to calm myself out of the social anxiety hazard I’ve become.

All ranting aside, I have a journey I have to undergo.

Back to my roots.

And I need to hold myself accountable some way. What better way than share it with someone else.

So here I go.

Welcome Back.

Aren’t we cute?

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